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We are rebranding!

Pomeroys Coffee Roasters will become South Coast Coffee Co. in mid 2020.

So why the change?

We wanted a name that better reflected who we are and where we started our coffee roasting journey in 2015 on the Gold Coast (Queensland, Australia).   Having a name that reflects who we are and pays homage to the original roots of the Gold Coast, to us reflects who we are.  We are not showy people we don't want to say our products are the best (even though they are), we really want you to discover this for yourself, as everything we do is about taste and taste is a personal thing not everyone will have the same likes or dislikes and that is a great thing.

Brief History of the South Coast 

The South Coast region (Southport to Coolangatta) was a very popular holiday destination for servicemen returning from World War II. Inflated prices for real estate led to Brisbane journalists using the nickname "Gold Coast" from 1950.

The local council thought that it was a good promotional name and on 23 October 1958, the South Coast Town Council adopted the name Gold Coast Town Council and was proclaimed a city by the Queensland State Government on 16 May 1959.

 Our Journey so far

We started with a simple goal in mind.... Just to make a cup of coffee that tastes great and since opening our coffees have been judged by some of the worlds best and not tooting our own trumpet but we have done pretty well; winning 2 silver medals in 2016, a silver and a bronze in 2017,  2 bronze medals in 2018 at the Australian International Coffee Awards in Melbourne and recently a silver and a bronze at the Golden Bean in 2019. 

South Coast Coffee Co was started here on the Gold Coast of Australia on the 1st of July 2015 in the Capri on Via Roma complex (we happen to be the only specialty coffee roasters located at the Isle of Capri on the Gold Coast). 

Having been coffee consumers for years and always being mystified by the magic of the coffee roasting process, plus having a desire to run and operate a coffee shop that made people feel as welcome as they would in our own home.  We set about creating a place and offering that would make people not only feel welcome and comfortable but would give them the desire to come back for another cup. 

And don't forget our Tea products as well, we want our customers to enjoy their tea experience with us, so we brew things differently! Our teas are treated with care and attention so that they are ready for you to drink. What this means is that we treat each tea individually as they all have different attributes and to achieve the best flavour, the tea must be brewed at the right temperature and time for the specific tea chosen. This might take a little longer than you are used to at home but it’s worth the wait.

So if you are looking for a new coffee (or any of our other products) to try or you are looking for someone who has experience in coffee/ shops to support and work with you and your cafe; then come in and try our coffees and you be the judge!  We will be only too happy to welcome you.

South Coast Coffee Co is located inside the market hall of Capri on Via Roma, 15 Via Roma, Isle of Capri (Surfers Paradise), Queensland. 

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