Our coffees are designed to be enjoyed, not just by our customers. We want you and your customers to love our coffee as much as we do.

We know it’s not enough to just supply customers with a coffee brand. It is about the ongoing support, relationships, quality and reliability.   Not everyone who comes into this industry has the experience of a world coffee judge.  

You may have come from another retail business or have an engineering background and are looking for a change; you may have all the experience in the world of coffee or just beginning.  We can provide you and your business with the level support you need, whatever stage you are at.

There are all sorts of other businesses out there in the coffee world that will ask you to sign a contract and use their coffee and ancillary products; Whereas we believe in old fashioned values and if you don’t like our service or our coffee don’t use us.   If you like the taste of something and want to use it then do it.

Training is a big part of our relationship with you and as we mentioned before we want you to enjoy your experience with us, so we will work with you and your staff to ensure that you all understand the products and how to get the best from them.  Whether it is to assist in setting up a new shop or educating your staff about coffee and the coffee process (seed to cup), we will be there to provide assistance and training.

So if you are thinking that it is time for a change (be it a new café or an existing café) then give us a call as soon as possible.  We would love to help you in anyway we can.

Please complete your details using the form on the page and we will contact you to discuss your cafe supply needs.
Thanks - The South Coast Coffee Co Roasters Team

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